Garden Jar Light Case

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The garden jar light case is a user project.

Garden Jar Light Case
Projekt: Garden Jar Light Case
Benutzer: Christian Walther (Electronics by Damian Schneider)
Bereich: Household
Technologie: 3D Print

Solar Garden Jar Light Solar Garden Jar Light Case Parts


These 3D-printed parts hold an assembled Solar Garden Jar Light kit in a 250 ml Kela glass jar from Manor, easily disassembled to retain convenient access to the microcontroller for firmware updates. The diffusion sheet that also bears the weight of the electronics is a 195×80 mm piece of LEE Filters 129 “Heavy Frost” diffusion foil from Sattler Electronic left over from an earlier project, paper would work as well. A small piece of clear 2.85 mm 3D-printing filament with one end cut at a 45° angle serves as a light guide to make the green charging LED visible from outside through the diffusion filter.

To measure the exact shape of the bottom (here, top) of the jar, it was covered with butter and cast in plaster. Removing the hardened cast was tricky but finally succeeded without undue damage to either glass or plaster by slowly pulling it straight out on a partially embedded piece of wire. A small crack in the glass (visible in the photo) had appeared earlier at an unknown time.


Design in Onshape – right-click on parts “Body A” and “Body B” and export as STL (unfortunately no STL files can be uploaded here).